Slimparker 557 Shaft

System możliwy do zastosowania w przypadku wykorzystania bardzo wąskich powierzchnii np. między budynkami lub budynkami a granicą działki. System podziemny, do 6 poziomów. Wjazd „znikający”. Stosowany w budynkach mieszkalnych, obiektach biurowych, domach wolnostojących i zespołach mieszkalnych szeregowych.

When there is more space in length than in width, the news Slimparker 557 shows off its merits. This slim system merely requires an installation width of 2.60 metres in narrow broad strips between buildings. It has been specially designed for the area between the set-back lines and building. Vehicles can be stacked up to 6 levels deep in front of, and behind the lift. The ground level lid can be furnished with the most varying coverings and can be camouflaged to suit its surroundings.


  • for platform loadings of 2000 kg to 2600 kg,
  • for various car height and length,
  • semi-automatic parking system for up to 23 cars,
  • very small floor plan area and very slim construction,
  • no space-intensive ramps or driveways,
  • below grade arrangement especially designed for the area between the set-back line and building,
  • can be driven over when entrance is lowered,
  • 2- up to 4- row arrangement behind each other,
  • for multi-row arrangement an empty space is required,
  • top platform can be covered individually based on customs wishes to suit to the surrounding.

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