Apr 2024

Architects' Darling 2024 - we participate!

This year we are once again taking part in the Architects' Darling Award organised by Heinze GmbH!

After last year's great success and the award in the "Best Corporate Film" category, we are once again entering the race this year.
We will be competing in the "Best Website" and "BIM" categories.

We are looking forward to seeing how the architects rate us!

Feb 2024

Combiparker 560 in the new Motorworld Mallorca!

Motorworld Mallorca is being built in the former Coca-Cola plant near Palma - parking will be in a WÖHR Combiparker 560!

With Motorworld Mallorca, the Motorworld Group is creating a space for mobile passion on the largest island in the Balearics. The automotive world of experience is being created on the 80,000 square metre site of a former Coca-Cola plant. A highlight of Motorworld will be a new WÖHR Combiparker 560, in which the luxury vehicles will be parked and staged in a space-saving manner. Motorworld Mallorca is scheduled for completion in autumn 2024.

Feb 2024

Demo operation of mobility stations in Munich successfully completed!

The demo operation of the mobility stations in Kastenbauerstraße in Munich-Steinhausen was completed at the end of last year.

Around 40 test persons trialled the various mobility options over a period of 3 months.
The Urban Standards GmbH team analysed the test period and received very positive feedback and identified some potential for improvement!

Almost 80 % of the testers could imagine having such a mobility station in their neighbourhood.