Company Profile

WÖHR has been developing, building, and installing convenient, space-saving parking systems for six decades. Our family-run business now offers the most extensive range of proprietary products worldwide for parking solutions – from traditional double systems to large-scale, automatic systems with 1,000 or more parking spaces. Today, our outstanding technology and reliable solutions are more in demand than ever. Increasing urbanization and the shortage of building sites, in particular, call for intelligent parking solutions that offer the highest number of parking spaces in the smallest possible area, while preserving the character of the city – high-density urban areas need high-density parking.

WÖHR's core competencies lie in creating customer-specific and project-specific solutions that increase sustainability in parking. Because the more compact our parking solutions, the more room can be conserved for public or green spaces. Our sales network, spanning more than 60 countries, helps us to fulfill customer requirements quickly, and with the utmost reliability. WÖHR is the ideal partner for intelligent, sustainable, and cost-effective parking solutions.

Wir verdichten Parkraum.

Aerial view of the company location Friolzheim, Germany